Coffee Is Better With Friends

Pound for Pound, the best roasts from coast to coast delivered to your door by your fellow coffee lovers.

Craft Coffee from Around the Country

Each month open up a new package full of specialty coffee from your new Brew Pals around the country.

It’s Easy. It’s Fun.

Sent with Love from other Coffee lovers.

How it works.



We are going to match you with someone equally as passionate about coffee as you and connect you with each other via email.

We attempt to match you with someone that doesnt live in the same state as you.



You should find a delicious local roast. Specialty or ‘third wave’ coffee is what you should be shooting for. Only the best beans for the best of your coffee loving friends.

This is no place for a Pikes Roast...

12-16oz of whole beans!



Its important that shipping be done in a timely manner from the time you purchase the roast. Fresh is best!

We will email you instructions for the best ways to ship your beans.



It’s arrived! break out the scale, the hot water pot, and your favorite brew method. Smell it. Taste it. Take a photo of it and share it with us!



Our community is active and waiting for you!

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Members enjoy these awesome benefits...

Monthly Coffee Swaps

Yep. Every month you will get an opportunity to be paired with someone outside of your area (we try really hard for out of state pairings). Within a short time you will have sampled coffee from all over the country.

Private Community

We have Facebook groups where you can chat with all your fellow coffee lovers!

First Access

We are bringing you content and offers, and we make sure that our members get access to that content first.

New Friends

Not only do you get the opportunity to try new roasts each month, but we connect you with the coolest people in the coffee community. Many of our past Brew Pals have remained friends after their swap!